About Me

When it comes to breaking down barriers related to autism in the Black community, no one does it with more passion and clarity than Maria
Davis-Pierre, a licensed mental health counselor, autism awareness advocate and founder of Autism in Black.

With a keen ability to educate and guide communities in desperate need of resources and support, Maria has transformed the lives of countless Black families parenting autistic children.

As the parent of two autistic children, and being autistic herself, Maria understands firsthand the isolation, shame and stigma that often accompanies an autism diagnosis.

Armed with that knowledge, she uses her professional expertise to connect with and empower Black parents of autistic children. Through Autism in Black, she also provides essential training to organizations so they can more effectively serve the Black disability community.

A dynamic, in-demand speaker, Maria has conducted many powerful workshops and lectures on topics related to autism including autism in the Black community, the intersection of race and disability, and self-care.